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Welcome to the city of Kafr Qasem and the Qasem Foundation. Kafr Qasem is a forward-looking Arab city in Israel, only 20 kilometers (12 miles) east of Tel Aviv, with a population of over 23,000.  Kafr Qasem was once considered to be on the geographic and social periphery of Israel but with the recent expansion of highways (5 & 6), rail and bus service and increase in private car ownership, Kafr Qasem is now actually a suburb of Tel Aviv and the surrounding cities.

Kafr Qasem is rated a low #3 on the government’s socio-economic scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, and suffers from high unemployment and low income for many of the employed.  But it has a huge reserve of young, highly motivated high school and college graduates, both men and women, who are seeking academic training, professional employment and business opportunities, locally and in the many hi-tech and other industries in the region.

The city has two large industrial zones, expects to develop a new hi-tech zone, established an economic development corporation in 2018, built the Klika Qasem Entrepreneurial Hub and shared work space in 2019 and has a highly regarded football team (mixed Jewish and Arab) that recently advanced to the National League (one from the top). Thousands of Jews and Arabs conduct their business in Kafr Qasem every day and see the city as an integral part of the local urban fabric that includes the nearby cities of Rosh Ha-Ayin, Petah Tikva, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon and Ra’anana and the nearby Arab towns of the “lower Triangle”, Taibeh, Kalansua, Jaljulya, Bara and Tira.

All this makes Kafr Qasem primed for the long awaited take-off.

Alongside all of these components, the leadership of Kafr Qasem, headed by Mayor Adel Badir, identified an additional component of municipal development that was a given for many Jewish cities, but lacking in the Arab communities – a municipally- focused philanthropic foundation, registered as a legal Non-Profit Organization in Israel (an “amuta”), founded by local citizens and other friends of Kafr Qasem.

And thus, the Qasem Foundation was recognized by the government Registrar of Non-Profit Organizations on September 1, 2019. 

The Qasem Foundation is working to advance philanthropic funding to:

  • Support and expand the network of community-based NGOs working for local educational, social, economic, health and cultural development.
  • Identify new sources of funding and partners for the Klika Qasem Hub.
  • Advance major new projects such as the construction of the upgraded football stadium.
  • Serve as a catalyst for new initiatives that the municipality will advance.

The Foundation is seeking funding from the following sources:

  • Local businesspeople and residents
  • Overseas friends of Kafr Qasem including former residents
  • Local and foreign philanthropic foundations
  • Foreign governments
  • Corporations in Israel with active CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) departments
  • Israeli government ministries and agencies (such as the Ministry of Culture, Mifal Hapais etc.)

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