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Kafr Qasem

Welcome to the city of Kafr Qasem and the Qasem Foundation. Kafr Qasem is a forward-looking Arab city in Israel, only 20 kilometers (12 miles) east of Tel Aviv, with a population of over 23,000.  Kafr Qasem was once considered to be on the geographic and social periphery of Israel but with the recent expansion of highways (5 & 6), rail and bus service and increase in private car ownership, Kafr Qasem is now actually a suburb of Tel Aviv and the surrounding cities.

Board of Directors


Najeh Amer

Co-Founder & Chairman


Regev Avner

Co-Founder & Board Member

Ahmad Sarsor

Co-Founder & Board Member

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Yishay Sorek

Board Member

תמונת פורטרט

Avivit Hai

Board Member

Ali Amer

Board Member

Fida Taha

Board Member



Carl Perkal

Philanthropic Adviser

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